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We all get caught up in busy, cluttered thinking from time to time, leading to feelings of confusion, frustration and anxiety. What is the impact of this on your life? Are you holding back, waiting until you feel more confident? What would it be like to experience more calm, connection and clarity?

Over the last few years I have come to see that my well-being, happiness and productivity are directly linked to understanding how the mind works from the inside out. We are designed to thrive but learn to believe the illusion of reality created by our personal thinking.

In practical terms, it means that although I still get caught up in my busy, cluttered thinking from time to time, I know not to believe that its telling me anything other than yet again I have fallen for the illusion, a trick of the mind; I have created meaning out of nothing! And then I get a glimpse of something truly mind-blowing and amazing: beyond my personal thinking is the source of every thought I will think in my lifetime.

This means we are more than we think and beyond the limits of our personal thinking is the true magic of life. This realisation has brought me more joy, love and connection than I could have previously imagined. The same opportunity to thrive exists for every human being, it’s part of the design.