The Snow Globe Effect…

“If I knew that my feelings were only ever coming from my thinking I wouldn’t need to take my thinking so seriously.” Amelia, aged 15years.

Amelia is part of a group of teenagers beginning to explore how the mind works, in a programme called the Spark of Resilience.

During the initial session the group identified a number of situations that they believe are responsible for them feeling scared, angry, anxious and frustrated.  The list was easily generated and included, amongst other things, spiders, playing musical instruments in front of others, being judged by their peers and school tests.  They felt powerless in these situations and in some cases talked about having panic attacks and not wanting to come to school.

What’s going on here? They are simply misunderstanding where their feelings are coming from. And this misunderstanding is currently driving unhealthy and unhelpful behaviours such as avoiding friends, missing school and failing to speak up in class when they don’t understand. Unchecked these behaviours will result in them not achieving their potential.

The snow globe is a great metaphor for looking at busy and cluttered thinking behind those scared and anxious feelings. When we’re shaking the snow globe we’re covering up what is naturally present within us – the clarity and wisdom to deal with any situation that arises. When our thinking settles, clarity and wisdom are restored. This is the snow globe effect.

Amelia’s comment above at the end of the second sessions suggests that she is beginning to get curious about the possibility that something other than circumstance is at play here. In subsequent sessions we will continue exploring how we live 100% in a thought created world and that we all have the spark of resilience, our own self correcting compass within us. Because of this spark, I know that Amelia and her friends will come to see for themselves that they no longer need to live in the grip of their thinking. The log jam of their personal thinking will clear and they will relax in the understanding that life is beautiful. This is the single most important factor in them realising their innate potential.



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