My advice in these crazy times – do whatever makes sense to you in the moment

We are currently being bombarded with news, information and advice. These are unprecedented times; much is unknown and appears crazy; it’s almost impossible not to get caught up in our own thought storms. Normal has been knocked off kilter and we need to readjust for the foreseeable future until a new normal emerges.

There is something really important to remember and its great news…we are designed to thrive irrespective of our circumstances. Let me try to explain this by using an onion as a metaphor. Like an onion we have a number of layers to our thinking. Outside layers may include thinking we have about our physical characteristics, or thinking we have about our knowledge and skills. Deeper layers may include thinking about our relationships to others and thinking about our personality traits, such as whether we think we are extrovert or introvert, whether we have a preference to please others or to get things done in a hurry.

There is a deeper layer where we find our thinking around socialisation and cultural norms. Remember this is only a metaphor! I’m wondering if it’s this deeper layer of thinking that is being disturbed for many of us at the moment. Expectations and norms about how we interact together through work and play are being thrown into the air and it seems that we’re having to wait to see where they land; how this new situation plays out. These are turbulent times and we can’t expect to know the answers yet.

What we do know is that beyond these outer layers of the onion lies the core; the source of our thinking – and it’s pure, fresh and infinitely creative. We can’t know what we are capable of but we can know that we have everything we need within us to thrive. When we are caught up in our personal thinking it’s easy to feel knocked off balance but when our thinking calms down we get a glimpse of this space inside and we insightfully know what to do because it makes sense in that moment.

If your thinking is revved up at the moment, do whatever makes sense to you to do. It might be to go for a walk or a run, immersing yourself in the beauty and constancy of nature. It might be to take a break from social media and the news. It might be to connect over the airwaves with a loved one. But it sure as hell won’t be to keep going around and around in your head trying to figure this out…

…And finally, just in case you’re curious to know the answer to what the core of you is made of, it’s no surprise that it is LOVE.

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