Winnie the Pooh

Wisdom in the moment – “Are we there yet?”

Have you noticed how impatient we have become and how we seem to have handed over responsibility for ourselves to others? I’m talking here about our need for answers to the way out of the present lockdown.

I appreciate that we need to listen to the science and to the politicians; they undoubtedly have a bigger picture and more knowledge than we do. But at the end of the day we, those of us who are adults, are ultimately responsible for our own beliefs and actions. Understandably this need to know is fuelled by fear but I think it is so helpful to reflect if we can, that wisdom is both contextual and universal. When we are able to listen, we all have the same access to wisdom in the moment, whenever we need it. The solutions we seek to all of our problems unfold naturally at the right time. Indeed, how many times have you found that when the time comes for action, what you had imagined was going to be a problem, and worried or harried for an answer, is no longer the same issue you had built it up to be?

Most parents are familiar with hearing their kids saying “are we there yet?” usually when a long journey has just begun! Fear (or curiosity) of the unknown drives us to want to know the answers so that we can prepare ourselves. Our brains love a degree of certainty. These ‘unprecedented times’ have robbed us all of certainty. Unprecedented points to the absence of knowledge. Thankfully as adults we have ample capacity to deal with the unknown, provided that fear doesn’t hijack that capacity! We do what we always do in unknown circumstances, we gather data, assess, evaluate and test out our new hypotheses…until we are ready to make a decision. We move forward by knowing the next step. We don’t need to know the destination, that will become clearer as we move forward.

It is this well-constructed combination of baby steps, information and wisdom in the moment, available to us all, that will help us to navigate our way safely out of lockdown – you, me, the next guy and so on. It enables us to retain responsibility for our own actions. The only advice I have is to LISTEN, to others and to yourself, and then do what feels right to you. If it doesn’t feel right YET, don’t do it ‘yet’.

You already have everything you need to be successful in life. Our personal thinking does a great job at covering this up! And, as if you need reminding, ‘successful’ = joyful, loving and wise.

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