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A personal reflection on ‘new’ normal

How will you look back on this period of enforced lockdown? Will it be as one of life’s pivotal moments? Will you remember it with gratitude or with resentment?

Firstly, I appreciate that everyone is going through their own experience with Coronavirus; including unimaginable pain, loss, worry and frustration. I know how lucky I am to be in the situation where at the moment I’m as sure as I can be right now, that it will turn out to be a positive, pivotal moment for me. It’s proving to be a valuable time for increasing awareness, reflection and a quietening down of the mind. I’m noticing an old habitual tendency to judge myself against how busy I am. The enforced lockdown has enabled me to see this more clearly for what it is – ego driven. If you have the luxury of reflection time, are you noticing anything about the ‘old’ you that you would like to drop?

The longer we’ve been in lockdown the more I’m aware of a ‘new’ gentler routine emerging. That’s not to say that I didn’t go through the usual ups and downs in the early days as I tried to fight to save the ‘old’ familiar ways. It is after all the job of the ego to keep us ‘safe’ in familiar territory. This new routine is bringing with it an unexpected sense of lightness and joyfulness that I’m beginning to listen more carefully to.

Frankly, I’ve been surprised by my lack of drive to create new work opportunities. Initially, I expected that I would want to design new online options for what I do. But as I write this, I have no clear ideas about what work opportunities might arise as we emerge from lockdown, and that’s OK.

This morning I made a list of the new routine. It includes a daily yoga practice; a greater commitment to regular exercise, a renewal of relationships and a deepening of connection; a greater focus on writing and reading particularly to expand, enjoy and energise; and a completely new commitment to my immediate environment (aka cleaning!!)

Funnily enough, as I’m reflecting here, other than the yoga and the cleaning, the new list turns out to be much the same as the old one but with a renewed sense of appreciation, focus and clarity. I am more grateful for what I have in my life (not least my family, my home and where I live) and a stronger commitment to sharing love and understanding in the world. The rest of the detail will emerge when it needs to, and that’s OK.

Tomorrow is a new day with fresh opportunities to reflect, appreciate and grow; and that’s OK too. If you’ve had the opportunity I would love to hear your reflections.

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