“More than you think”; why I wrote this book?

I had my first profound realisation about how the mind works, during a Quality of Mind retreat I attended in January 2016. It was that I am not my thoughts.

I could see that the energy or principle of thought was constantly flowing through me and that I could choose which thoughts to believe and which could be let go of easily as having no relevance. For example, sometimes I believe that I’m not good enough and sometimes I don’t. I realised that it was this choice and not the thought itself that made a significant difference to my experiences. And I saw that we personally create meaning by adding extra layers of thinking. The situation or circumstances are never responsible for my experience, I am! Therefore, I am not my thoughts.

Since then the realisations have flowed and my experience of life has transformed beyond anything I could have imagined. I feel a greater peace of mind, more intense love and joy, and wiser. I trust my intuition and feel naturally a greater connection with others. My relationships have benefited, I feel more freedom and have less clutter in my life.

After that first retreat, I knew that I wanted to share this understanding of how the mind works. I ran my first corporate quality of mind event with Piers in May 2016 and the first Weymouth retreat with Liz and Stu in September of that year. Since then we have run twelve retreats in Weymouth, including one for teachers and one for young people. I run advanced group conversations and have also shared this understanding in local schools with teachers and young people. Many people, irrespective of age, background and intellect have reported similar life changing experiences following the retreats and workshops.

The journey of deepening my own understanding of these principles and the inside out nature of life has continued. I have read countless books, attended conferences and training courses, one with Elsie Spittle, a personal friend of Sydney Banks and one of his original students with. Syd Banks was the first to share this understanding in 1973.

It was at the beginning of listening to Michael Neill’s “Creating the Impossible” on-line course that I had the idea about writing a book; at the time I also thought that winning a public speaking competition was equally impossible and so I decided to combine the two! I didn’t complete Michael’s course for the simple reason that I could immediately see that the only thing stopping me from writing a book was my belief that nobody would think I was good enough to write it! As soon as I saw that I had created this thought it dropped away and I began writing in the summer of 2018. I completed the first draft in March 2019 and reached the district final of the humorous speech contest in May 2019. Subsequent drafts and editing added another year to the process. The ebook version has been available on Kindle since the end of April 2020. The printed version is due any day now.

Both the writing and the editing phases of the book have provided me with rich learning opportunities and my grounding in the understanding continues to deepen. I have realised that this journey will be continuous and lifelong. As Mo Gawdat says: “Real knowledge is knowing the extent of one’s ignorance.” It feels empowering to realise this.

The principles I’m referring to are spiritual and universal to all. They are the energy or life force flowing through us that enables us to be alive, aware and thinking in any moment.  They are part of our human design system; we are designed to thrive and are therefore so much more than we think. This is such a profound, empowering and hopeful realisation relevant to us all as we navigate through life.

It is so interesting to notice my thinking as I make the move into releasing the book into the world. Marketing seems to present an even greater challenge than writing it! But, this will undoubtedly be the subject of a future blog…

If you are intrigued by this simple yet powerful message about how the mind works, why not download my book “More than you think” from the Kindle store, or let me know that you would like to pre-order a printed copy by getting in touch with me directly. I would love to support you on your journey as you read it or answer any questions that may arise for you as you do so.  

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