A mountain to climb, or no big deal!

Today I took delivery of 80 copies of my new book “More than you think”, which I’m planning to sell via my website. Why 80 specifically? Well at the beginning of this journey a friend shared an interesting statistic with me – a significant majority of authors don’t sell a hundred books. That figure has therefore become a personal target.

What is your relationship with targets, goals and objectives? Do you feel inspired to take action towards achieving them or constrained and somehow under pressure? How often do they become mountains to climb?

I created this target to provide a sense of direction for my efforts, once achieved I’ll set the next target or not – no big deal. As long as I recognise the target and its achievement only exist in my thinking, I can maintain a healthy relationship with it. The problems start if I inadvertently give additional meaning to the target, such as, if I don’t sell all of them I’ve failed as an author (not true), nobody likes the book (not true), I don’t deserve to do this (not true).

I am grateful for understanding that the mind works from the inside out via 3 universal principles – everything that I experience is created moment to moment via the principles of Mind and Thought projecting onto Consciousness. When I don’t realise that it works in this way, I am seduced by the content of my thinking, it looks real and true, I refer to it as reality.

Inadvertently you’re making up your own standards for your behaviour, then making up whether you’re meeting those standards, then making up how upset you should be because you aren’t meeting your standards. If you truly saw all of that as an illusion, you would not be caught so much in that ‘reality’.

Jack Pransky

When I’m not caught up in that reality, I have more space and freedom to listen for, acknowledge and nurture those innate qualities in myself and others, such as resilience, creativity and capacity for realisation. I embrace life to the fullest. Bring it on!

If you would like to find out more about the principles behind our personal thinking, then why not get hold of a copy of my book “More than you think”.


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