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Navigating life with insight

According to the Cambridge dictionary an insight is a clear, deep and sometimes sudden understanding of a complicated problem or situation. If you know a better way to navigate life, please let me know!

This points to one fact – wisdom and clarity come from within. Insights do not discriminate; we all have access to an infinite, natural supply and need only listen as they emerge from the depths of our soul.

I love the way in this video clip that Sarah O’Donnell makes reference to the role of insights as we worked together on editing “More than you think”. It was the first book I’d written and I knew that I had a lot to learn about writing and publishing. I now see that Sarah guided me through the process with humility and a natural empathy, which meant we connected at a heart level and in a spirit of openness, fertile ground indeed for wisdom and clarity to break through.

I also love how at the end of this piece she refers to her own insights, saying: “I must have read Caroline’s book a hundred times, at least maybe more, and as an editor sometimes you get blind to what you’re reading, but I can honestly say that each time I read it I’ve gained fresh insights and it has supported me on the journey too.”

Find out more about Sarah O’Donnell, Book Editor at

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