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We live our thinking, but we are not our thoughts

What difference would it make if you insightfully saw that you are living your thinking? Wouldn’t life seem easier, freer and more joyful? Why is it that for some of us thinking weighs heavy, whilst for others it seems lighter?

What if you saw how the human system works? That our experience is being created within our minds moment to moment via the creative energy of Thought brought into reality via Consciousness. If we are feeling insecure, our thoughts are negative and we will experience life as challenging and struggle to maintain a sense of balance and well-being.

It is a simple understanding but it’s not always easy to spot the pervasive, deeply hidden and yet innocent nature of our own thoughts. For example, as a child we may have felt insecure around an angry parent and learned to stay quiet, doing only what seemed to please them in order to feel safer; it’s easy to see this becoming a habitual way we learn to behave throughout our lives in the face of imagined conflict, unaware of the innocent thought that started it and the innocent thoughts that maintain it as a life strategy. When we insightfully see how the human mind works, we are no longer compelled to live in the grip of our thinking or take it so seriously. 

Freedom comes when we see that there is a natural rhythm to our experience of life. Our state of mind fluctuates, we experience highs and lows. A great metaphor for this is the weather; there are sunny days and cloudy days but we don’t feel compelled to fix the weather, because we know that’s how it works.

Our mindset, a habitual collection of thoughts, is like looking through different coloured glasses. When we’re looking through our insecure glasses, we are far more likely to suffer feelings of fear, anxiety and discomfort. Unchecked this can lead us to act as though we need to do something immediately to change the situation that we believe is causing us the anxiety. We might hide away, blame others, engage in unhealthy behaviours such as eating, drinking, taking drugs – in all innocence expecting to feel better. We may indeed feel temporary relief but it will never offer permanent relief until we see through the illusion of the cause of our struggles – our own thoughts.

“Chronic unwanted thoughts and their respective feelings are innocently held in place if we believe them to belong to external realities rather than being temporary and unimportant.”

George Pransky

Our low state of mind and consequently the layers of personal thinking we create, keep us separated from seeing our innate well-being, the universal intelligence that flows within us all and is the source of love. It is never far from the surface, as evidenced by the fact that whenever our thinking settles and we look upon something with gratitude, clarity and wonderment, we immediately feel our hearts swell with love.

You are not your thoughts. You are the constant source of peace, love and wisdom that flows through you. And if you want to hear more about this, next week’s blog will be called “Living beyond thought… choosing love”. Or read my book “More than you think”.

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