Living beyond thought, choosing to love life

What would it mean to trust that you already have innate, infinite resourcefulness and resilience to be productive, fulfilled and happy with life as it is – irrespective of circumstance? To sense that deep well of compassion, wisdom and peace within you; wouldn’t life as it is be easier? This is the meaning behind ‘living beyond thought and choosing to love life’.

‘We all have the same capacity within the human system to see that life is…’ What comes after this statement will always be a personal value judgement, based on our own thought system. Our interpretation of life is always based on a thought system and not on an objective reality.

From a low state of mind, we are likely to judge more negatively those aspects which we give attention to in that moment. From a high state of mind, we probably aren’t even aware of having a problem. For example, sitting in a traffic jam… from one perspective we get frustrated and cross with ourselves and others for causing this distraction to our day and from another perspective this is a great opportunity to just reflect and be with life.

From a higher state of mind, we just have less personal thinking going on, we’re making fewer value judgements and are more likely to notice and appreciate the silence of our minds. When we rest here in this space of silence without the need to entertain our thinking, we get a glimpse of the infinite potential and possibility that exists within life. We know that it’s infinite because words to describe it become difficult to find, in fact the very act of trying to find words takes us further away from it. Some refer to this as ‘being in flow’ when we lose the sense of being separate from our surroundings. The best I can do with words is to say it’s a sense of expanding love for everything within life.

It’s useful just to notice that all personal thoughts in some way limit us; even our imagination has limits. As soon as we think it, we are limited by what we have thought. When we trust how the system works, we are able to glimpse into the space before thought and therefore begin to live beyond its limitations. Just because centuries of teaching and conditioning tell us we should see life in a particular way, doesn’t make it true.

The boundaries that surround different countries have been decided by man, but we all share this earth and we are all part of the same human race. Language, systems and culture, all develop to support and sustain this separated man / mind created reality. These boundaries are so instilled in us that leaders will send their countries to war based on a perceived threat to these boundaries.

Closer to home, the boundaries which support you as a separate individual are similarly only created in your mind. It is believing in the truth of these boundaries that sustains your ego and limits your potential. Living beyond thought, resting in the silence of your mind, opens up the infinite potential and possibility that is the birth right of every human being – you are designed to thrive but have learned that life maybe hard (its real but not true). When we see the truth in this, we experience the freedom and love that is our true nature.

Curious to explore this further then why don’t you read about it in my book, “More than you think”.

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