kaleidoscope pattern

A kaleidoscope of feelings is natural and healthy

As we approach a second lockdown in England, I’m noticing a kaleidoscope of sensations arising from within. My first response to the announcement on Sunday was to go for a long walk, breathe in fresh air and feel the freedom of being outside in nature. Subsequent feelings included a desire to support local shops and businesses so today we walked into town; I bought flowers, chocolates and a couple of other locally sourced treats.

I have a general sense of sadness for the disruption and suffering that people will be experiencing in the coming weeks. Intertwined in these various sensations is a sense of pride and joy that our son Jack has just managed to secure a job that he has studied and trained hard for. Also immense gratitude for my parents, as my mother turned 90 years this weekend. We weren’t able to have the family party I had imagined but we were able to celebrate with her.

When I reflect on just these last few days, I see that despite what is going on, the restrictions and inconveniences we face in ‘normal’ life on the outside, that on the inside I’m completely at ease with life. I know that from time to time I will get caught up in my thinking and temporarily lose sight of this natural equilibrium, but fundamentally I know that whatever happens it doesn’t really matter because underneath everything is the creative power that enables me to live a purposeful and meaningful life. This kaleidoscope of feelings is natural, healthy and normal. I’m not compelled to resist any of the feelings.    

If you would like to explore this further then please get in touch and I would be delighted to have a conversation with you.

Listening is at the heart of developing a deep sense of wellbeing in any community. At Inner Compass Guide the focus is on supporting and encouraging wellbeing in the community, through the understanding that everyone has this same universal, creative source of wellbeing and resilience. We are holding a free, 2-hour on-line introduction to the Listening for Wellbeing programme on 17th November.

We are delighted to support any organisation wanting to shift the focus of their conversations towards innate resilience. Now more than ever this is of critical value.

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