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Spread a little more sunshine; an open letter to the BBC

Dear Aunty

Please consider sending a number of your presenters on our on-line Wellbeing Listener programme, in which we share how resilience and wellbeing are built into the human system and how thoughts and moods directly affect our experience of the world. It could signal a major breakthrough in consciousness if influential organisations such as yours, were to point people towards what inspires and encourages them rather than simply adding to feelings of insecurity. You would be responsible for spreading a little more sunshine rather than reinforcing the dark clouds.  

Let me give you an example, this morning I listened to one of your News presenters interviewing two young people about the challenges they are facing in the job market. The presenter focused attention away from their innate health and instead sought to reinforce their low mood by effectively ‘blaming’ the outside world for their experience. This included indicating that it was appropriate to take non-response from a recruiter as a personal attack. I imagine that not only the interviewees but much of the audience would have maintained their low mood thinking and continued to feel victimised by an ‘unfair’ world.

The interview would have been completely different had your presenter seen the resilience and wellbeing naturally available within each of us. She would have listened respectfully to each story and reflected back those elements which already highlighted their resourcefulness, such as the young lad who was keeping his career options open by casting a wider net and beginning to explore moving further afield and the young lady who had an amazing array of qualifications. She would have positively encouraged them to see rejections not as personal but as part of a number games; that there are whole new ways of looking for job these days vastly superior to the ‘old’ days; that these ‘unprecedented’ times will pass and that over the course of a career this will be remembered as a blip.

She might have used Jack’s experience, or someone like him, as a positive case study. Jack finished his degree in the 1st lockdown and has applied for roughly 200 jobs since that time. He took an unpaid temporary contract for 4 months to gain the necessary experience, and continued his search for a full-time role. As time passed, he progressed further in the recruitment process, including interviews and sitting technical tests. He didn’t take any of the rejections personally. After 8 months his approach has paid off and he starts a full-time position in video game development on Monday.   

As the national public broadcaster this is your opportunity to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. I would like to extend an invitation to you and your colleagues to attend our free 2-hour introduction to the Wellbeing Listener programme on 17th November at 10.30. Here is the link to register.

Yours Inspired and Encouraged (despite your best efforts)

P.S. Anyone reading this letter is also welcome to attend…


  1. So true! I don’t know how many times I shout at the radio when I hear a so called expert in stress, mental health talking about the different strategies etc. Whereas, they overlook the very fundamental which is that we are always OK at the core. Thought takes us away from our very natural groundedness. When we point people to their natural resilience and wellbeing – and witness that experience – it becomes the starting point for people to take their next step.
    This is completely the opposite of the fear based approaches you talk about in your article, Caroline.
    Sadly, news thrives on sharing misery and pain. But there’s no joy there!


  2. I admire your valiant attempts but alas I fear that they will fall on deaf ears. According to the press association, “We are in a post truth era” I turned off the Beeb lies a long time ago but still choke when I have to pay for a TV licence I neither agree with or want. Imagine going to Tesco for a loaf and some bread but when you get to the cashier she insists that you take a bag of potatoes that you don’t want, which you have to pay for! Oh and if you don’t pay for them you could go to prison… Ah, aunty B.
    Good luck Caroline


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