thinking and feeling

How are you feeling right now?

How are you feeling about the announcement of a 2nd national lockdown? Personally, I’m experiencing a wide range of feelings that come and go. In this short blog I share why is it useful to reflect on how we feel?

When I think of missing my daughter and step-daughter I feel sad; when I think of my elderly parents (not yet vaccinated) I feel concern; when I think of my friend who is a school teacher and mother of 2 children I feel compassion; but mostly I feel lucky to live in a lovely part of the country, with my husband and son, and with plenty of opportunities for walks. Best of all, I am really grateful that I understand that my feelings are directly related to my thinking – when I’m not thinking those agitated thoughts, resilience, wisdom and resourcefulness naturally flow within me. It’s just how it works!

Wellbeing, equilibrium and happiness are amongst the many labels we use to describe that feeling of inner peace, the space or state of mind from which resilience, wisdom and resourcefulness naturally flows enabling us to thrive, irrespective of our circumstances.

It is so useful to know that there is only the present moment. The past and the future only ever exist as thoughts, and thoughts whilst feeling real are not actually true. I can imagine a scary future or I can remember a past emotion, but I can’t experience either in anything other than now, in this moment.

Why is this useful to know? When it comes to facing any situation, a very relevant question to ask is ‘how am I feeling right now?’ If I am overly concerned or worried about a future event or am feeling frustrated or angry about something, I know that I am caught up in agitated thinking and have lost my sense of inner peace and will not be in best place to deal with what is happening right now. I’m more likely to struggle than to thrive.

If right now you are struggling with any unpleasant feelings, know that they will pass once a different thought comes along and that you too have that same resilience, wisdom and resourcefulness naturally flowing within you. Your mind is doing what it has learned to do best, which is to throw lots of thoughts your way – you don’t need to give meaning to any of them! Inner peace at any time is one different thought away.

Curious to explore this further then why don’t you read about it in my book, “More than you think”.

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