The Power of Listening… You are More than you Think

What is being more than you think? Why is it so valuable to listen to who you are beyond your thinking? We could turn the question round… what would it be like to live with a deep sense of wellbeing rather than living with fear, stress and pressure? Most of us misunderstand that there is even a choice and indeed how much more productive we are when coming from this space of natural wellbeing. You can listen for this natural wellbeing in yourself and point it out in others. In doing this we are creating opportunities, uncovering potential and giving to others.

Through understanding how the human psychological system works I have come to see that we are more than we think. I have come to welcome feelings as a sign of my state of mind, rather than as an expression of who I am. What is fear other than the result of an overactive imagination? What is stress other than too much agitated thinking? What is pressure other than too many expectations weighing heavy on our minds?

Our sense of identity comes from the labels we pick up along the way. I’ve picked up labels from the roles I’ve played such as mother, wife, HR consultant, coach. I’ve picked up labels linked to personality traits that have come to the fore such as extrovert, stable, empathetic. None of these labels are constant throughout life and nature/nurture has a role to play. I wasn’t born a mother and I’m not always an extrovert. But I was born ‘me’ irrespective of my circumstances, and so I have a sense of being more than all of the words that might describe who I am, including my gender and my body. My body definitely is not constant, it’s growing older and yet when I look in the mirror I am aware of a sense of being the same irrespective of the labels and the physical changes.

The inside part (space) of me that doesn’t change, is always present and constant (whenever I notice it) is my spirit, my true nature. It is the same for all of us. In the words of Jack Pransky “All we are is peace, love and wisdom and the power to create the illusion that we are not.” Spirit has no concept of time; it creates thought and observes our personal thinking. And therefore, we are not our thinking, our intellect or the labels, memories, active imaginations or anything that happens in that amazing organ, the brain. We are more than that and when we see beyond what we already know we open up the possibility for new, fresh insights that take us to a new reality.

You are more than you think… here’s the link to buy the book (great title for a book!!) 

At Inner Compass Guide we’re unlocking mental wellbeing in communities, schools and teams. Our approach is simple. Through online and in-person programmes you’ll discover how to cut through mental noise, and you’ll understand how to recharge from mental exhaustion. You’ll see how easy it is to tap into a natural inner resource of wellbeing. And best of all there are no tools, techniques or concepts to learn. You’ll see how listening for wellbeing unlocks it all.

We’re running a free 2-hour online introduction to Listening Champions in Business on 31st March… Find out more about it and book your place here

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