One Body, One Mind and One Solution

Whatever the different challenges we face in our lives, the actual outcome we seek is always the same – a return to the settled and calm feeling within, we could call it peace of mind. Sounds simple, but unfortunately, we’ve learned to believe that sometimes things on the outside need to happen in order for us to feel better on the inside. At other times we just ‘know’ that irrespective of circumstances we are deeply OK and that peace of mind is our natural state.

I know now, with a deeper sense of clarity, in this moment, that I have been gifted one mind and one body to last a lifetime and through which I can experience life to its fullest potential or not. From this knowing I feel a renewed sense of responsibility, love and excitement for my physical and mental wellbeing. I’m definitely not looking to outsource it to anyone or anything else.

My previous blog on slaying the sugar dragon provides an example of how I no longer feel a slave to sugar, in my view a most pernicious substance, and how I recently broke some other bad food habits. I’m more conscious of what I’m eating and more committed to keeping physically fit. I appreciate that we each have a unique body and a unique personal mind, and I can only speak with any confidence about my own. Seeing the mind and body as a function of the quality of my experience has made a major difference.

The most significant part of nourishing my mental wellbeing comes through listening and simple heart to heart connections with other human beings, beyond personal egos. I’m thankful for the opportunities to do this. There are also books and articles that stretch my understanding further and deepen those feelings of wellbeing. Thanks to the lovely Marnie Shaw I recently came across “Infinite Awareness: The Awakening of a Scientific Mind” by Marjorie Hines Woollacott. Marjorie is a neuroscience professor at the University of Oregon.

In talking about her own spiritual awakening, she says: “Something in me was kindled. What was this “something”? I experienced it as love – a deep, pervasive unconditional love. I could feel I was connected to this love; I knew I was part of it because I could feel this all-encompassing love within myself. I knew, intuitively, that this was the heart and core of the entire universe, what some people might call God. Until that moment I had been an atheist… Once this love was ignited within me, though, I knew that the universe I live in is not confined to material dimensions. How could it be? I experience a powerful energetic force, a profound sense of love… it is utterly real to me.”

I love this description (by a scientist) and can only imagine the epiphany, which lead Syd Banks to share his understanding of how the mind works, now referred to as the 3 Principles, to be a similar profound experience.

This source of energy, which I experience as bursts of unconditional love and heightened awareness, is part of the human design. As unique individuals we all have our own minds and our own bodies through which this universal energy flows, enabling us to have an individual experience of life. This energy stimulates our thoughts, creating our experience. I know that I experience life fully within the confines of my own mind and body, giving me a sense of ‘me’.  However, I also know, beyond this ‘reality’ is a deeper level of consciousness available to me when my personal mind is quiet.

Both my physical and mental wellbeing are rooted in a quiet mind, giving me the best chance of working in harmony with the system. For me, I achieve this by listening beyond my personal thinking; by noticing and not following the distracting thoughts as they arise. In the article below and in her book Prof. Marjorie Woollacott refers to meditation as her way of achieving a quiet mind. I find my grounding in how the system works is what enables me to listen beyond my thinking to that space which might be referred to as a meditative state. I’m human and therefore I do get regularly distracted by my thoughts. However, I don’t tend to stay lost in the stories my mind is creating for too long and I’m much more open to the joy and wonderment that comes from a deeper awareness of life. Follow this link to a recent interview between Prof. Marjorie Woollacott and journalist Hans Busstra as they explore this further.

Curious to explore this further then why don’t you read about it in my book, “More than you think”.

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