Being a Lighthouse and a Sponge!

Here’s another powerful metaphor to explain what freedom looks like to me… it‘s knowing that the light of wisdom and resilience are always shining within me whatever happens in life. I now see the lighthouse as a metaphor for our human default setting; we can’t help but shine an energy into the world when our busy personal thinking quietens down.

I didn’t understand this and for a long time I felt more like a sponge. I worried about things; big things like world peace and small things like what people thought of me. It was easy to slip into the realms of “what if” – what if my son doesn’t pass his exams; what if my husband falls out of love with me; what if a client doesn’t value what I’m doing. I soaked it all up and it drained my energy, which helped to keep me stuck in unproductive patterns of behaviour, until I realised how the system worked.

When we’re not aware of it, we suck up all that worry like a sponge, leaving us feeling depleted of energy and resilience. Thankfully, it only takes us to see the illusion for what it is, just our busy, agitated personal thoughts and once noticed, we immediately reconnect with the infinite energy and resilience that we are. We become the lighthouse once more, free to shine our light and energy into the world.  

I have come to appreciate that the lighthouse within never actually turns off, it can’t be diminished. Although sometimes a fog descends to hide it, occasionally it’s more like a red mist, and I’m temporarily lost in my thinking. As soon as I spot that I’ve followed an unhelpful train of thought, I’ve already glimpsed the light. Those unhelpful trains of thought are reminders that we are only human; we’ve switched from lighthouse to sponge.

We have been gifted with the power and majesty of a personal mind to experience life as an individual, with the joys and tribulations that brings. And we’ve also been gifted with a tether, a safe haven if you like, which is the source of that power and majesty within each of us. We get to be both the lighthouse and the sponge.

What could possibly be more freeing than seeing this for ourselves?

What if physical and mental exhaustion was the wisdom in our system telling us that we need some downtime? When our minds clog up with unhelpful thoughts (often as memories or worries) sleep is one of the first things to suffer. What if a lack of sleep was the wisdom in our system telling us that our mind really needs to turn off? We don’t need to follow those unhelpful trains of thought; they’re not telling us anything about life as we are living it now in this moment but dragging us back into the past or projecting us into the future. We can scare ourselves with these thoughts. What if all that has happened is that we have learned to ignore our own wisdom; to hide the default with our own misunderstanding?

What could possibly be more freeing than seeing this for ourselves?

What if a lack of confidence or procrastination was the wisdom in our system telling us that we just don’t know the answer to a question right at this moment? “Should I go this way or that way?” It’s not telling us that we’ll never have the answer, just not yet. We could then relax knowing that wisdom will kick in when it’s needed and then we’ll know the next step to take. Life unfolds, we don’t control it.

What could possibly be more freeing than seeing this for ourselves?

We all have the opportunity to be both a lighthouse and a sponge. If you are feeling inspired to explore this metaphor further do get in touch, there are numerous ways to achieve this to suit every individual pallet!

Curious to explore this further then why don’t you read about it in my book, “More than you think”.

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  1. Thank you Caroline, this has come through at a perfect time for me to share with a new colleague who couldn’t teach yesterday because of a panic attack then fainting them off to hospital by ambulance. He is amazing and very knowledgeable but just spent weeks building up to his first day ever teaching and his body said no. Much love Michelle xx


    1. Michelle, I really appreciate your comment; funnily enough I had just told myself that it probably wasn’t a good time to publish a blog post but it turns out to have been the perfect time… The mind is such a funny, fickle muscle! Thank you xx


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