Trusting Yourself

A friend recently expressed to me how she was feeling overwhelmed by all that was going on in her life at the moment. And there was a lot going on – a busy job, a young family, a new puppy, husband’s new job, the first Christmas without a close member of the family, not to mention Christmas itself and Covid!  She was wondering how and when she could return to those feelings of wellbeing that she trusted were within her.

As I listened, I felt inspired to share this metaphor with her and I wondered if I might share it with you also…

It’s like standing on the threshold of ‘the Deep I’ (inner diamond), you know that’s it’s there because you feel it in a sense of wellbeing and equilibrium. Then something happens on the outside to alter that sense of equilibrium on the inside and it’s like a mist descending, you lose sight of it. The mist disorients and distracts us. We feel agitated, unbalanced and are more easily overwhelmed. We lose focus and our minds’ wander to the past or to the future. From here it looks as though we need to do something to get back to our sense of wellbeing. We might even ask ‘how do I get it back?’ We might search in a variety of places, e.g. ‘hard’ work, alcohol, therapy, positive thinking, etc. At best these things may provide a temporary solution or block out some of the impact of those negative feelings.

Consider this; rather than a mist descending what if we have inadvertently closed our eyes, as when we go to sleep. We haven’t actually wandered anywhere, other than in our mind and we are therefore still in the same place, always within the threshold of ‘the Deep I’. Just as when we awaken from sleep, we wouldn’t ask the question ‘how do I know when or how to open my eyes?’, so we don’t need to ask it now. We can trust that when we’re ready to wake up we will naturally open our eyes. Just as sleep is a natural part of being human, getting distracted and disoriented by our ego, that false identity or ‘Surface I’, is also natural and normal. When we’re ready to ‘wake up’ from the distraction we will naturally open our eyes and see that we have always been within the threshold of ‘the Deep I’ and those feelings of wellbeing and equilibrium naturally return – even more beautiful and powerful for having been lost temporarily. It is who we are; that constant, unchanging true nature of all beings.

It strikes me that this is about trusting yourself to ‘wake up’ when it’s right for you, rather more than trying to ‘wake yourself up’!

The references to ‘Deeper I’ and ‘Surface I’ are taken from Eckhart Tolle’s article “Realising the Deep I” and relate closely to the metaphor of the Inner Diamond that we use at the Inner Compass Guide as a stepping stone to point clients towards True Nature.

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