You Really Are Beautiful Inside

Does it sometimes look as though life is a series of intellectual challenges to be solved? Do you find you’ve dealt with one problem only for another one to pop up, a bit like the game of ‘whack-a-mole’? Do you see a stack of problems coming your way, one after the other, like aeroplanes landing at a busy airport or waves crashing on a beach? If this is your experience, it’s no wonder you feel exhausted and emotionally drained.

However, it doesn’t have to be like this. It’s really helpful when you find yourself caught up in this whirlpool of emotions to remember how our individual experience of life works. Simply put – life does not exist independently outside of our experience. It is simply not possible for you to know anything that hasn’t been created by your personal thought process. The only certainty we have is that everything we know exists within our individual reality. This simple, hidden fact has huge implications to how we experience life, whether it’s with joy and peace of mind or with worries and fears.

As a human being you are beautifully designed for now; for handling reality as it is for you in the present moment. We are just not well equipped psychologically for dealing with the past or the future, when honestly all we have to rely on are memories and imagination, conditioned by our environment. We then think that things exist independently of our personal thought process, we give weight to these ‘facts’ and then live our lives believing them to be true and not questioning their validity. With this innocent misunderstanding, we can easily get stuck in a whirlpool of trying to think our way out of things. Without realising that it was our thinking that created the problem in the first place!

If we can’t rely on our thinking though, what can we rely on? How can I confidently state that we are beautifully designed for now?

There is something more to our experience that is easy to miss. Have you ever noticed a sense of being the observer to what you’re thinking; of something existing beyond your thoughts? Have you noticed having a sense of ‘being’ that is deeper than the ups and downs of your personal thoughts about yourself?

When my personal thinking quietens down, I get a sense of something continuous about who I am, irrespective of my current age, looks and moods. I love to express this as “I am”; and in that moment I have a sense of limitless possibilities. Armed with nothing more than an understanding that “I am”, I feel capable of handling whatever presents itself in the next moment. It is this deep feeling of being OK, irrespective of my circumstances, that gives me the freedom to experience life with joy and peace of mind.

I will have to deal with big and small challenges throughout my life, as we all do.  I will face the full range of emotions, happiness, sadness, grief, frustration, despair, that are a part of life. But crucially, I also know that I am equipped to deal with whatever arises. I know that using my intellect will only get me so far and that ultimately the solutions I’m seeking come from a deeper place within me that is untouched by circumstances. That place is in you too.

Finally, I’m asking you only to reflect on this for yourself: that in an apparently complex world, there are only two absolute truths (1) we create our own experience of life, and (2) therefore, the intelligent source of that creative power is within us all. You are beautifully designed for reality but for your own personal thinking that you’re not!    

Curious to explore this further then why don’t you read about it in my book, “More than you think”.

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