“Lucky” is a Label

As a family we have always considered ourselves to be lucky, from loving where we live to finding that elusive last car park space! We often quote the saying “luck is the crossroads where preparation and opportunity meet.” But what is luck? Why do I seem to be getting luckier? How do we ‘prepare’ for luck?

I now see “luck” is just a label that I happen to use to explain the joyful feeling I experience on realising that life seems to provide for me in the moment. And I’ve come to notice that the less I interfere with the natural flow of life the luckier I seem to be. When my mind is busy with worry or I’m holding on to negative thoughts, I’m less likely to notice the power of life in every moment. That awesome power of nature is always present but I’m not always present to the moment, because my attention is focused elsewhere.

I know it works this way when I’ve been witness to others caught up in their busy thinking and missing things such as a spectacular sunset or that last parking space! You will recognise this in yourself. We all do it to different degrees.  

What does this tell us about the design of our human psychological system? It means that we have both the capacity to be completely immersed in the content of our thinking (usually experienced as over thinking) and the capacity to ‘wake up’ to the nature of how life works. It’s this combination that enables us to have peace of mind despite being in challenging circumstances.

Our experience of life is like going to the cinema and being fully immersed in the film. I might laugh, cry, or look away as the music builds to a crescendo, but if it’s a good film I’m caught up in the moment by the action on screen. When the film ends, I leave the cinema and continue my life, knowing it was just a film and having enjoyed the experience.    

So, what is the ‘preparation’ element, referred to in the first paragraph?  It’s knowing that life only works from the inside-out. It’s the awareness of the in-built capacity to ‘wake up’ whenever I’m present to the nature of life. You have the same potential to feel lucky. You have the same capacity to realise the power of thought in creating your experience. You have the same potential to be completely immersed in your experience and the potential to ‘wake up’ to the nature of life. You’re never broken, never lost, you just haven’t yet seen that you have this same potential. Hidden behind the “lucky” label is just the best secret to life there is.   

Do you want more “luck” in your life? Would you like greater peace of mind, more stillness, and simplicity in your life? Why not find out more about the inside-out understanding by reading my book (“More than You Think”) or by attending one of the retreats (“Liberate Your Thinking”) we run in Weymouth.

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