The wind in your sails

Life is like the sea, a mixture of rough, choppy patches, calmer ones and everything in between. There are weather systems and currents which seem to pull us in different directions. I would like you to come on a journey with me and for the purposes of this journey I would like you to imagine that you are a sailing boat navigating the high seas of life.

Being a Lighthouse and a Sponge!

Here’s another powerful metaphor to explain what freedom looks like to me… it‘s knowing that the light of wisdom and resilience are always shining within me whatever happens in life. I now see the lighthouse as a metaphor for our human default setting; we can’t help but shine an energy into the world when our busy personal thinking quietens down.

One Body, One Mind and One Solution

Whatever the different challenges we face in our lives, the actual outcome we seek is always the same – a return to the settled and calm feeling within, we could call it peace of mind. Sounds simple, but unfortunately, we’ve learned to believe that sometimes things on the outside need to happen in order for us to feel better on the inside. At other times we just ‘know’ that irrespective of circumstances we are deeply OK and that peace of mind is our natural state.

What do you feel when you see this teddy bear?

My most recent realisation (occurred whilst hugging a teddy bear) is succinctly captured in this quote from Mexican author and philosopher Miguel Angel Ruiz: “Our brain is the factory of the emotions”. In this blog I’m exploring the similarities between the workings of our minds and a factory! When we understand how something works, we are more able to work in harmony with it.

Coloured sunglasses

Ask yourself this question – are you looking through ‘me’ glasses or ‘we’ glasses?

It’s so easy to miss the simple fact that everything we take in via our senses and subsequently give meaning to, is happening inside of us. We don’t start each day with a blank sheet of paper, we already have a lifetime of beliefs and experiences which colour our individual perception of reality. I’m using the simple metaphor here of different coloured glasses to explore the potential impact that knowing this has on our experience.


The Power of Listening… You are More than you Think

What is being more than you think? Why is it so valuable to listen to who you are beyond your thinking? We could turn the question round… what would it be like to live with a deep sense of wellbeing rather than living with fear, stress and pressure? Most of us misunderstand that there is even a choice and indeed how much more productive we are when coming from this space of natural wellbeing. You can listen for this natural wellbeing in yourself and point it out in others. In doing this we are creating opportunities, uncovering potential and giving to others.