Living beyond thought, choosing to love life

What would it mean to trust that you already have innate, infinite resourcefulness and resilience to be productive, fulfilled and happy with life as it is – irrespective of circumstance? To sense that deep well of compassion, wisdom and peace within you; wouldn’t life as it is be easier? This is the meaning behind ‘living beyond thought and choosing to love life’.

What is the meaning of love?

Last night’s Casterbridge Speakers philosophy discussion explored the meaning of ‘Love’. Did you know that ‘Love’ is both a noun as well as a verb? The difference between these two uses was central to the discussion. In the sentence “my heart is full of love” – love is a noun, whilst in the sentence “I love you” – love is a verb. The problems associated with love appeared to be with the second of these two uses; acts such as domestic violence, where feelings of love and hate are confused and volatile.

Invitation to launch

Come to the launch of my new book

At last, I’m ready to launch the book out into the world. Please come to the launch party on YouTube Live. Meet the team and hear about the special launch offers that are available via the website, including access to a FREE live webinar about the Inside Out principles that I’m sharing in the book.

It is incredibly helpful to know that you can be in the flow of life as it is or you can entertain your thoughts, but not both at the same time. It is entertaining our thoughts that limits our opportunity to connect with the deeper spiritual truth of who we are. Intrigued… then come to the launch and read the book to find out how you are so much more than you think!

We go Live on Friday 10th July at 5pm, following this link