Liberate Your Thinking (Weymouth, Dorset) 22nd – 24th September 2022

Why not join us in a relaxed environment and a beautiful setting to recharge and reconnect?

The tranquil, beautiful, historic Belfield House in Weymouth

What if you knew you were deeply Okay, irrespective of circumstances?

Do you sometimes find yourself overthinking, feeling stressed and blocking out your innate potential?  Are you struggling to make changes in your life, that you intuitively know are healthier for you? Would you like to be able to listen for your own wellbeing and resilience, and see it in others too?

Understanding the nature of thought and how the mind actually works enables us to see our personal thinking for what it is, transient, personal, illusory and the only thing that stops us from connecting to our innate wellbeing and resilience.

Liberate Your Thinking is a non-residential ‘open’ retreat pointing to a powerful understanding of how the mind works. It is a collaboration between Caroline Brewer of Designed2Thrive and Liz Scott and Stu Newberry of Inner Compass Guide CIC.

Participants on the programme experience:

  • Greater feelings of well-being, peace of mind, clarity and perspective
  • The power of listening to develop more meaningful relationships and support love ones
  • Increased capacity, resourcefulness and resilience for life (feeling empowered) 
  • Heightened creativity and curiosity  
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