The Spark of Resilience Programme 

Encouraging thriving school communities across Weymouth and Dorset, where everyone realises their personal potential and achieves amazing things.

At Resilient Young Minds (Dorset) we are:

• Providing a rich, learning environment that unpicks the cause of stress and anxiety, whilst uncovering the powerhouse of innate resilience and confidence students have
• Working in sustainable ways that encourage individuals to share this understanding and champion resilience and well-being in others
• Developing a shared language and understanding of how the mind works through something called the Inside-Out understanding
• Cascading this well-being approach to students, teachers, leaders, parents and local employers

The Spark of Resilience Programme for Young People:

This programme is offered to small groups of students from aged 11 years.
Rather than ‘building’ confidence and ‘developing’ self-esteem, this programme highlights how young people already have a natural reservoir of mental wellbeing within.

During this facilitated programme, the students will listen and learn from each other, whilst engaging in discussions about:

– The true source of wellbeing (it’s an inside job)
– The power of seeing through negative, habitual thinking (resilience is our default)
– The myths of stress and anxiety (exams, teachers and friends don’t have the power to make you feel stressed)

Students will naturally develop:

– Enhanced interpersonal skills of listening/curiosity
– An ability to reconnect with their own resilience, compassion and wellbeing
– A curiosity of supporting others in their school community to recognise wellbeing.

Each student also attends a one-to-one session prior to and post programme to complete a survey and explore their personal expectations and concerns.

“I feel more courageous because I know now that if something goes wrong, I will know how to deal with it. I feel much wiser. If I could tell my younger self anything it would be don’t care so much about what others think of you.” Imogen, aged 15years

“I feel really grateful to have had the opportunity to spend this time looking at how the mind works. I understand much more about how to deal with issues that have stressed me in the past.” Carla, aged 15years 

Conscious Conversations

Supporting Staff Well-being

This is monthly facilitated 1-hour conservational activity available to support staff well-being. The focus is on deep listening as a way of encouraging staff to reconnect with their own resilience, compassion and well-being.

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