Exploring our true nature; going deeper 15th July 2022

Exploring Out True Nature is a one day, 10:00 – 4:00pm, workshop space for those people who have already attended a Liberate Your Thinking retreat or a Wellbeing Listener programme. It is a collaboration between Caroline Brewer of Designed2Thrive and Liz Scott and Stu Newberry of Inner Compass Guide CIC.

The tranquil, beautiful, historic Belfield House in Weymouth

Alongside fellow Inside-Out travellers, you will have the chance to deepen your understanding and to explore the deeper intuitive nature behind life. Here is a flavour of the questions we might be exploring on the space of this one-day workshop.

What makes us struggle?

There is only one reason that we experience feelings such as frustration, anger and conflict in our lives, we have yet again fallen for the trap of believing that our thinking is true and that our psychology is a fixed version of who we are.

Who is the “I” that is present to our fluctuating thoughts and feelings?

There is a sense of continuity about self that goes deeper than the transient, temporary, personal thoughts and feelings. For the purposes of understanding we make a distinction between the ‘separate self’ and the ‘true self’.

Where do I go next with this understanding, what does it actually mean for my life?

What’s the best way to weave the Inside-Out understanding into your everyday life? You’ll have time to explore the nourishing ways you can stay connected to your infinite nature and resourcefulness – regardless of life’s ups and downs.

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