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“More Than You Think” by Caroline Brewer

Now is a great time to remind ourselves that we already have everything we need to live a happy, fulfilling and productive life, irrespective of our circumstances.

Caroline Brewer explains to Liz Scott why her new book “More than you think” has some relevant and timely messages for everyone, particularly during challenging circumstances, such as the recent Covid-19 lockdowns.


The book is aimed at anyone interested in exploring their own relationship with life. It is loosely presented in a workbook style, with key summary points and reflective questions at the end of each chapter, encouraging the reader to reflect and gain their own insights. It follows my own journey and the reflections of others, as we deepen our understanding, recognising that there is always fresh thinking available to us and more to learn.

It is particularly relevant to those looking for more peace, more love and more kindness in their life; for those struggling with work / life balance; for those who may feel a sense of panic when thinking about future events; for those searching for a deeper sense of purpose and belonging; and for those struggling to break free from the grind of overthinking.

Inspired by the Three Principles, as first introduced by Sydney Banks in the 1970’s, these simple yet profound principles point to how every human experiences life; they are the principles behind our psychology and provide the answer to every psychological struggle that exists. Join me as I deepen my own understanding and realise the amazing and infinite potential that exists within all of us.

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