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“I would urge anyone to pick up a copy of this book and digest and explore the contents with openness and curiosity. Within its pages lies the opportunity to realise a better life, whoever you are, or wherever you are right now. Caroline expertly guides the reader to explore via realisation a wonderful new understanding of the mind, using a blend of her own experiences and what she’s learned from others along the way. It may well be the most transformative book you ever pick up.”

“Caroline has written a deeply personal yet highly practical account of her own ongoing journey of exploring the Three Principles understanding, and she provides many relatable examples highlighting the difference between how we experience life with an understanding of these principles versus without an understanding. Often it is only in hindsight that we can see how we are handling life differently than before, and Caroline makes this subtle process visible to us through her own insightful reflections and the thoughtful questions she poses for the reader to consider. 

I tried to read Caroline’s book quickly at first, and found that I couldn’t because I kept needing to pause for reflection! I can recommend it wholeheartedly, especially to those who are new to the Three Principles and looking to gain a deeper understanding. If you take your time with this book, you’ll find yourself not only learning about the principles, but experiencing the truth that lies behind them coming to life inside you all by itself. And that’s how we really get to grips with this understanding – not by ‘getting our heads around it’, but through our own reflections & realisations, which Caroline’s words will help to stimulate. “

Linda Parkinson-Hardman,

“What Caroline has captured in this book is the essence of three principles, a way of understanding the human relationship with reality as she works with them on her retreats. She explains things in a way that just makes sense and then uses her own and other’s stories to illustrate what she’s saying to help you see how fresh thinking reveals the possibility of life-changing experiences.

The principles Caroline shares are easy to understand and so it can be tempting at first to dismiss them because it can’t really be that simple. But they are powerful beyond words and I would urge you to read this book with an open mind and an open heart because when you do, and as the insights begin to arise, as they will, you too will find yourself on the road to change and transformation.”

“I’ve just finished your wonderful book. Your voice comes through clearly. It was as if you were reading it out loud!
There’s so much that I enjoyed, particularly from your unique perspective, including insights and references to your own life, which had me smiling. I like the way you weaved stories through the book, making them relevant to the points you were making.

I think you have more to say, Caroline, and although you are probably relishing the relief that ‘More than you think’ has been published, I’d say your friendly, engaging, informed and creative style will be enjoyed by many people AND they will be looking forward to your next book I know I certainly am.”

Stuart Newberry
Coach Facilitator Trainer

“This book took me back to Caroline’s retreat I attended a few years ago. I felt like I was sitting in the lounge of Belfield House listening to Caroline explain the 3 Principles and how cluttered thinking can limit our ability to be here and now in the present moment. I would highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to learn about the 3 Principles and how our thinking works, or to anyone who already is familiar but would like a resource to help recentre themselves. This book does not replace the experience of attending a retreat, but it is a good introduction or refresher.”

Sally Watts, attendee Liberate Your Thinking Retreat,

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