The 3 Principles

“Everyone in the world shares the same innate source of wisdom, but it is hidden by the tangle of our own misguided personal thoughts.”  Sydney Banks

Have you ever wondered why some times you’re full of the ‘joys’ and at other times you’re ‘down in the dumps’? Have you ever wondered why someone else can have a completely different experience to you in the same situation? Understanding the principles behind our experience has brought me more joy, love and connection than I could have imagined. Irrespective of how you are currently feeling, it can do the same for you.

When we are watching a film, it’s easy to lose ourselves in the story and to experience a full range of emotions, knowing that it’s still just a film. And when the film finishes, our emotions re-balance. We don’t have to look at the projector to know that it is creating the moving pictures on the screen. Understanding this doesn’t stop our enjoyment; if anything, it is enhanced by knowing that we will be OK whatever plays out on screen; especially when watching a horror movie!

Our psychological system works in much the same way. We need energy running through the system to be able to have an experience. In simple terms we need to be alive, aware and thinking. We can refer to this energy as spiritual because we can’t actual see it but we can know that it is always in the background ‘running the show’.

Following his own spiritual enlightenment, in 1973 Sydney Banks provided us with the understanding and therefore the language with which to describe this spiritual energy. He spoke about the 3 principles behind life, enabling us to have a human experience – Mind, Consciousness and Thought.

At the level of ‘principle’, the fundamental truth that serves as the foundation for the human psychological system, this energy is universal – we all have it and it is operating all the time. At a personal level it enables us to understand and describe the infinite differences in our experiences (separate realities).

The Principle of Thought is the formless creative energy that flows within us giving us the unique capacity to think. The outcome or product of this creative energy comes in the form of our own personal thinking.

The Principle of Consciousness is the formless energy behind our awareness, bringing our thinking to life in ways that make it real to us in the form of our own reality.

The Principle of Mind is the life force behind every living thing. It gives and sustains life.

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