Yoga pose on beach

Breathe, Listen, Connect

I’m really clear that tools and techniques are a red herring when it comes to finding long-term solutions to any of life’s issues. My favourite example of this is the ‘diet’ when it comes to losing weight! Yes, I get that it can work for some of the people some of the time, but not for me.

On the other hand, being aware that at the heart of all life’s issues is my relationship with my thinking about that issue has given me freedom to experience life very differently and therefore to do things differently. I no longer ‘diet’, I just eat more healthily and up my exercise – no pressure, no expectations, no judgements, just do it (or not). It doesn’t matter.

I’m really enjoying yoga at the moment. It feels like a nourishing space from which to explore my relationship with my energetic body; even if my long-term goal is as simple as being able to stand on one leg whilst getting dressed well into my 80’s!

I’m finding powerful links between yoga practice and understanding how life works. For example, in yoga at the moment we are exploring our relationship with breath and I’m struck by the powerful relationship between our breath and consciousness. It is so easy to take breathing for granted, sometimes it’s deep and sometimes it’s shallow – just like consciousness. In yoga we synchronise the breath with the movement allowing us to achieve so much more than we think possible. No magic required, just awareness of the relationship between breath and movement, and by listening and tuning into the body’s needs I naturally connect with the energy required for that movement in that moment.

Now imagine facing your issues and your fears in the same way. No magic tools or techniques required. An increased awareness of the relationship with your thinking about that issue will naturally widen the aperture of consciousness giving you more space to listen for fresh thinking and connect with the peace, love and wisdom that is your true nature. It’s always there within you and sometimes we temporarily obscure it with thinking. Breathe, listen and connect… there it is again, clarity.

The real magic happens when we are present to this widened aperture of consciousness with another person. Breathe, listen and connect – bringing awareness inside to our own aperture of consciousness; listening for the wellbeing and consciousness ever present within us both, and naturally connecting at a level of spaciousness in which insights flow.

I’m not asking you to believe me, but I’m suggesting that you to notice it in yourself – breathe, listen, connect, feel the spaciousness and observe the magic of insight. Issues and fears melt away when we listen with no agenda other than for soul to soul connection.   


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